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Pimsleur Norwegian Level 1

Luana Marie Jøsvold, Joan Schoellner - Pimsleur Norwegian Level 1

  Audio norsk språkkurs for nybegynnere. (Engelsk): An entry-level Norwegian audio course. 30 pcs. of 30-minute audio lessons, 60 minutes of reading instruction to provide you with an introduction to reading Norwegian designed to teach you to sound out words with correct pronunciation and accent. In total, 16 hours of audio, all featuring native speakers. In the first 10 lessons, you’ll cover the basics: saying hello, asking for or giving information, scheduling a meal or a meeting, asking for or giving basic directions, and much more. You’ll be able to handle minimum courtesy requirements, understand much of what you hear, and be understood at a beginning level, but with near-native pronunciation skills.  In the next 10 lessons, you’ll build on what you’ve learned. Expand your menu, increase your scheduling abilities from general to specific, start to deal with currency and exchanging money, refine your conversations and add over a hundred new vocabulary items. You’ll understand more of what you hear, and be able to participate with speech that is smoother and more confident.  In the final 10 lessons, you’ll be speaking and understanding at an intermediate level. In this phase, more directions are given in the Norwegian language, which moves your learning to a whole new plane. Lessons include shopping, visiting friends, going to a restaurant, plans for the evening, car trips, and talking about family. You’ll be able to speak comfortably about things that happened in the past and make plans for the future.